We are now Apart of the "Greener Life" Club

We are now proud club members of "Greener Life" 

The Greener Life Diamond gives customers a at a glance assessment of the four major aspects of health, social, and environmental responsibility so they can make a decision, at the point of purchase, within the short time period it takes to form a first impression. the four areas of the diamond include:

  1. "Carbon Footprint"
  2. "Animal Friendly"
  3. "Bio Healthy"
  4. "Fair Trade"

1.) Carbon Footprint = A product’s carbon footprint is the sum of all of the carbon emissions necessary to create that product. Carbon emissions contribute to climate change.

If the global community doesn’t respond aggressively to curb this problem, within a generation there will be extreme food shortages; and many, if not most, of the earth’s ecosystems will be seriously threatened. These ecosystems provide a myriad of services that sustain human life, from nutrient recycling to pollination.

Therefore consumers must demand that the companies they buy from are aware of their carbon emissions and are actively working to cut them.

2.) Animal Friendly = The phrase “Animal Cruelty” usually brings to mind images of science labs with cages of animals hooked up to monitors being subjected to a myriad of substances for testing purposes. True animal friendliness goes beyond simply avoiding cruelty to individual animals.

Products impact the welfare of animals when the production process involves the destruction of natural habitats. As human populations expand and natural habitats shrink, people and animals are increasingly coming into conflict over living space and food.

The problem affects both rich and poor. People can lose their crops, livestock, property and sometimes, their lives. Animal populations are often culled in retaliation and to prevent future incidents.

Therefore consumers must demand that companies be aware of the impact their products have both directly and indirectly on animal welfare.

3.) "Bio Healthy" = An update to U.S. federal regulations on chemicals in personal care products is on the horizon. The Personal Care Products Safety Act promises to ensure that harmful chemicals do not make it into the lives of Americans via their cosmetics.

The Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild has employed a lobbyist to bring the message to Capitol Hill that many players in the industry are micro-businesses run by individual handcrafters. 

Cosmetic artisans that adopt the Greener Life Diamond™ system on their labels will be proactively ensuring their products meet the goals of this new legislation, which should help with the compliance process.

4.) Fair Trade = There are a number of different certification schemes for Fair Trade because of the incredibly wide range of existing products, production situations and trade relations. Ideally, Fair Trade standards should aim for respectful working conditions along the entire supply chain and respect for the land rights of indigenous people.

In some cases, though, tracing products to their source is a long process that, if not done right, can bring harm to the most vulnerable producers. So, we need to recognize those companies engaged in the process, not just reward end results.

The Greener Life Essentials serve many industries where people are striving to lead a more environmentally friendly life. Our goal is to provide the best quality, most environmentally and socially responsible ingredients at the best possible price. We pride ourselves with exemplary customer service.



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