Tranquility 16oz

Tranquility 16oz

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A shimmering citrus blend of high concentrations of the following essential oils: lime, lemon, and orange creates an effervescent top note for this exotic scent, while accents of liquid ozone add a refreshing highlight. Tropical floral notes and exotic agave greens balance at the heart of the fragrance. Clear musk and rich sandalwood form a soft background for this highly textured scent.

Top Notes: lime, lemon, orange, ozone, violet, cyclamen, hyacinth
Mid Notes: agave greens, hibiscus, plumeria, juicy cantaloupe and watermelon, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley
Base Notes: musk, sandalwood, cedar, amber

***** NOTE ***** Due to different colors on computer monitors, cell phones and Curing Process, Soaps are subject to have a lighter or darker color